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residential, commercial and
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HKV provide professional independent valuation and consultancy services on all asset classes including residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Their team includes experienced prestige residential valuers, commercial/industrial valuers and specialists in multi-tenanted residential properties including flats, duplexes and boarding houses.


Mortgage Security Purposes

Residential mortgage valuation reports are completed in accordance with the Residential Valuation Standing Instructions (1.1.4) issued by the API and Australian Banking and Finance Industry. Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers also provide mortgage valuations for commercial and industrial properties, residential flats and boarding houses.

Forensic Valuations for Litigation Purposes

Chris Kamitsis FAPI is often engaged as an independent expert in litigation matters. In this regard, Chris is aware of his obligation to the Court and the relevant Court Rules. He has provided evidence to the Land Court of Queensland, the Planning & Environment Court of Queensland, the Queensland Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Insolvency and Trustee Valuations

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers is often engaged to carry out valuations for bankruptcy and insolvency purposes. They also provide advice to trustees on methods of disposal and means of maximising value for sale purposes.

Valuations for Superannuation / Taxation Purposes

ATO approved valuations for SMSF tax and audit purposes for commercial, industrial and residential property.

Valuations for Accounting / Portfolio Purposes

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers can provide professional “whole of portfolio” solutions to accountants and public companies.

Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Valuations

Prudent purchasers and sellers should be properly armed with robust and comprehensive valuation advice before making any important decision regarding real estate. Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers provide valuations for this purpose.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers is aware of the ATO requirements for valuations and can provide robust and comprehensive reports for CGT reporting purposes, including retrospective assessments.

Stamp Duty Valuations

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers is aware of the Office of State Revenue requirements for valuations and can provide robust and comprehensive reports to assist in stamp duty reporting purposes, including retrospective assessments.

Family Law Valuations

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers provide property valuation services across all asset classes (residential, commercial and industrial) for family law purposes. They are familiar with the Family Law Rules 2004 (Part 15.5 – Expert Evidence) and are aware of their obligations as single experts pursuant to Rule 15.09 of the Federal Magistrate Court Rules 2001.

Property Consultancy Solutions

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers can provide strategies and consultancy for resolving complex property issues. They can quickly identify weaknesses in existing property portfolio strategy and outline avenues of achieving better outcomes in property dealings.

Valuations for Compulsory Acquisitions / Compensation Purposes

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers have extensive experience in this field of valuation and often provide compensation assessments in accordance with the Acquisition of Land Act 1967. Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers represent constructing authorities as well as claimants in these matters and make themselves available to attend ‘without prejudice’ conferences and mediations. They have extensive experience in dealing and liaising with other experts in these matters including town planners, traffic and acoustic engineers, hydrologists and legal advisors. In 2011 Chris Kamitsis FAPI presented a paper at the Australian Property Institute (API) Gold Coast Conference titled “The Valuers Role in Compulsory Acquisition”. To obtain a copy of his paper, please contact our office. Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers also have experience in attending mediation conferences and presenting evidence to the Land Court of Queensland if required.

Valuations for Road / Rail Estimates

These assessments assist local and state Government agencies with budgeting and costing large scale projects. Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers have completed the following costs estimates: Kessels Road Upgrade Project Moggill Road Upgrade Project Warrigal & Padstow Road Upgrade Project Gateway Motorway North & South Port of Brisbane Motorway Granchester to Gowrie Rail Line

Estate Planning (deceased estate)

Valuations for Estate Purposes (deceased estate)

Horrigan Kamitsis Valuers provide valuations for Estate Purposes, including deceased estates, which can assist trustees, executors and beneficiaries of Wills and Estates to make informed decisions.